Unavoidable delays, Inevitable release!

RPGLeague is continuing to grow, however due to technical errors outside of our control, our website will not be launching as planned. Our website developers tell us they are working the problems with our site that are in support of features we consider key to our community. Until they are working, we cannot launch it.

We feel it is essential to further develop the website, bringing you the proper support our community needs, and ultimately want. We are still signing partners, growing the overall business, and working hard to make this a community you can be proud to join. We need to reestablish our timeline of launch to fit with technical developments. As soon as we know, you'll know, so please keep watching.

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know through our social media.

Its Almost Here: Hi Faithful Followers!

Its nearing that time the site is getting locked down and security put in place. We are looking at a September or October launch, What! Yes, a September or October launch date so please stay tuned as we’ll be putting out more and more info as the time draws nearer.

Currently if your in #TSRPG #TTRPG #INDIE #MERCHANDISER #PUBLISHER #GAMESTORE industry we would love to hear from you. Our online marketplace needs to be filled. Our tournaments need to have rewards and awards (promotional products). We’re looking to make the site ring off like a Shot Heard Around the World! So please come join in on our adventure by partnering with us and making this wonderful industry shine.

3 April 2019 Update

3 April 2019 Update

First some bad news, we at RPGLeague had some difficulties with our server but have over come them now and will be moving forward with our launch of the website soon. We will keep you posted as things develop.

If you are following us on FB and other social sites you may have seen our latest gaming tournament at Zander’s Game House which was a big success. The tables were full with 19 total players and 3 DM’s (Geoff Stebner, Janet Browne, and Craig Konas) whom ran amazing games of D&D and Pathfinder.

Of course we just don’t play role playing games we also reward and award prizes for those that do. If you were able to make this great event you would have had the chance to win some of our partnered ArcKnight minis, and Zander’s Game House discount Excite Entertainment coins.

But lets get to the real excitement the category winners and the awards pictured and listed below:

Each of the category winners (Most Charismatic, Most Resourceful, Most Tactical and Champion Dungeon Master) got our RPGLeague bragging rights t-shirt gift certificate to showcase their talents around town.

Update to Kickstarters January 25, 2019

Hi Fellow Tabletop Role Playing Gamer’s,

As stated earlier we were launching two Kickstarters, but that has changed to only one, which means we can focus more on the website launch, which will happen in March, Yes, March this year. lol

We will keep you posted on the actual date as it draws closer to the time frame until then please keep safe and spread the news to all your friends and family members out there that love TTRPG’s the greatness is coming. I’ll leave you with a taste of the Coming Kickstarter starting Jan 28th this next Monday!!!

Only the Beginning Stay Tuned!

Welcome 2019!

Hi All,

Thank you for registering and following so far, we have a lot in store for this coming year. Please stay tuned as we grow into the best Tabletop Role Playing Games Network, this is only possible with your help and support. Here is what we are up too and a taste of what is to come.

  1. We are currently building and working on the admin side of the website, basically the infrastructure, processes (Legal Jargon), point papers, and contracts.
  2. Plans are in place to launch two Kickstarters;
    1. To support our efforts in building the best website money can buy with all the whistles, bells, and streamers for you the players, everything we’ve ever promised.
    2. Capitalize on the marketing of TRPG partners, so if you are in the industry and looking for support, stop in and leave your mark orpglc@gmail.com
  3. For all those past and present players out there, I’m pleased to announce that our website is nearly complete, we’re working on the finishing touches and have a date to launch. Wait for it, this quarter. Yes, we are going Live in the coming weeks.

Artists Recognition: RPGLeague welcomes artists!

Role players and their Role Playing Games have always gone hand in hand with great artwork that captures the depth and expression of each games environment and its characters. We wish to continue building upon this. If you are a budding new artist or experienced professional we have something for you. Please contact us for more about how we can work together. We are actively sourcing artwork that captures our core concept. All artists will be recognized and linked to for recognition, resale, and other publicity. contact us at this email: ORPGLC@gmail.com

Please note that all artwork used in our design and development is either sourced from free repositories on the internet or directly from the author. If you feel your artwork is not being recognized, or wish to change how your artwork is being used contact us at this email: RPGLeagueDev@gmail.com

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