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Need help getting started?

  1. Event Name: Give a short but sweet title to your game.
  2. Date(s): Are the day(s) in which the game begins and ends.
  3. Time: Is the timeframe of the game, from beginning to end.
  • NOTE: Games currently can only be submitted 24 hours out from the current date and time of submission.
  1. Location: Is the address of where the game is being held.
  • NOTE: The address entered will NOT be visible to the players until the GM has authorizes the MP to play.
  1. Type of Event: This is the GM’s Plot length be it a “One Shot Plot”, “Short Campaign (Mini-series)”, or “Endless Campaign (Saga)” which are explained in detail below.
    1. One Shot Plot: The beginning and end of a short singular story with no sequels.
    2. Short Campaign (Mini-series):  Multiple "One Shot Plots" that transition consecutively supporting the main overarching conflict of the story to a "Definitive Resolution", after which there are no more sequels.
    3. Endless Campaign (Saga):  Same as "Short Campaign" except that there is NO foreseeable definitive resolution nor a final sequel.
  2. Scope of Event: The Scope of Event is the magnitude in relation to size of the event which we’ve broken down into four categories (Home, Store, Convention, or Online).  A Home event is usually a small group of acquaintances or friends sitting around one table, while a Store event entails a group of people with a couple games playing at a couple tables. Then we have Convention size events which are multiple players, with multiple tables which usually requires a logistics schedule of the events.  Online events are events scheduled through an online media and broadcasted over the internet.
  3. Number of Players Able to Join Event: This is an indication of how many players the GM would like to have at the table.
  4. Number of Tables: This is the number of tables available to play at.
  5. Website: Is the address of the Store or Convention holding the event for references and scheduling support.
  6. Event Privacy: Event Privacy is a switch that you can set to either Public or Private. By selecting Public everyone who is a member can request to join, setting Private allows the GM to invite players only, this doesn’t stop you from messaging/asking to join in the game.
  7. Contact Info (Game Master): The contact info of the GM is displayed on the events listing in the Public setting, in a Private game then no information will be given until you have been excepted into the game. The info requested is the point of contacts name, your email, and phone number.  Only a name and email are required.
​At this point please click the "NEXT" button for the following set of game submission fields.
  1. Synopsis/Description: The details of your game, something the readers and/or players would find appealing enough to contact you in hopes of joining your game session.
  2. Invite Players: A section where the GM can send an invite to the players once the game is created. All players invited will receive a notification of the invite on their notification board.
  3. PreGen Character Sheet (docx, doc, txt, pdf): You can upload a Pre-Generated Character Sheet for the Players to choose from or the GM to look over before the game begins.
  4. Custom Characters: This is where the GM can choose to except Pre-Generated Characters or not by selecting either Accepted or Not Accepted.
  5. System: A System is the game dynamics or rules set by the creators of the System, we support all Systems and so you will see a wide variety of Systems in the drop down. If you System isn’t listed please use the Contact Us page to inform us.
  6. Style: Is a GM’s option on how to best show of the game dynamics. By clicking on one of the options: Solely Narrative, Token Narrative, Fully Modeled, Fully Electronic. For more clarification please go to our Descriptions & Terms.
  7. Settings: Describes the main bases or timeframe of the System being played. They are broken down into the following: Fantasy, Super Hero, Super Natural, Science Fiction, and Combo.
  8. Photos: Last you can make it all come to life with a photo to immortalize your vision.
​Now that you have entered all of the required field simply click "POST GAME" and your game will be submitted.
Congratulations you are now a RPGLeague Game Master!


After Registering as an RPGLeague Member Player (MP) you will be directed to your "Character Sheet" page.  From there you can do many things but in order to join a game you'll need to click on the "Events" tab on the left side of the Top Menu Bar.  Once inside the Events page you'll notice a "Begin Your Journey" search bar which has a "Choose Your Realm" drop down window with the following list of settings:

  1. Fantasy: Example settings: "Conan", "Lord of the Rings", Legend of King Arthur", "Dragonlance", "Willow" and "Forgotten Realms".
  2. Super Hero: Example settings: "Marvel", "DC", "Image", "Dark Horse", "The Boys", and "HEROES".
  3. Super Natural: Example settings: "Underworld", "True Blood", "Zombieland", "Army of Darkness", "In The Mouth of Madness" and "Constantine". 
  4. Science Fiction: Example settings: "Star Wars", "Star Trek", "Fifth Element", "The Expanse", "Aliens" and "Blade Runner".
  5. Combo: Example settings: "Doctor Who", "Time Bandits", "Infinity Train", "Rick & Morty", "Love Death & Robots" and "Ready Player ONE".
After selecting one of the above and clicking "SUBMIT" the search engine will list all available games for that setting, directly below.  For the field to the right of Choose Your Realm, labelled "Location or Game Name" simply enter in a location or a game name, if known, then click "SUBMIT" and those games will be listed directly below, as well.

If you're not looking for a specific game, merely scroll down to view all available games.  By cursing over each game you'll see one of two access types:
  1. Private Event: All games of this type are accessible through GM invitation ONLY.
  2. View Details: All games of this type allow anyone to view "Game Details" info, (Outlined above in the "How Does A GM Submit A Game") submit a request to join and once approved, by the GM, you can even invite others for GM approval, as well.
After reviewing all of the Game Details, ensuring you've read the "Synopsis", accepted or agreed upon a character with GM under the "Characters" section and updated yourself with the latest comments in that specific games "Chat Room" scroll to the top of the Game Details window and click on the "Join Game" button at the top right to submit your request to join the game.  Now wait for a GM to approve your request.
Congratulations, once approved you've now joined your first RPGLeague Game!

In order to “Start A Game” you must Register as an RPGLeague Member Player (MP) and:
  1. Become a RPGLeague Game Master (GM), by submitting a game into the RPGLeague website.  To do this simply follow the direction under “HOW DOES A GM SUBMIT A GAME” tutorial above.
  2. As GM, you should approve all intended MP’s who have submitted a request to join your game (All MP game requests will appear in the GM’s “Notifications” on the GM’s “Character Sheet” page) prior to the start date and time of the GM’s game, as “players can not join games that have already begun”.  For those MP’s, the GM has invited though have not yet accepted the invite, the GM can message those MP’s privately to entice them to accept before the game begins (All GM game invites will appear in the MP’s “Notifications” on the MP’s “Character Sheet” page).
  3. Immediately after the start date and time of a game, that game’s GM must login onto RPGLeague and “Check In” all approved and/or invite accepting MP’s (Any and all MP’s not checked in by the game’s GM will not be part of that game).
In order to submit “Session Feedback” each game’s GM and all “Checked In” MP’s must login to RPGLeague after the end of their specific RPGLeague game and:
  1. For MP’s go to your “Game History” page and click on “Joined Games” then after clicking on the “Red Trophy Icon” for the games whose feedback has not yet been submitted, a feedback window will pop up with the following:
    1. MP Feedback: With the restrictions of selecting yourself and the same MP twice, select the MP that performed the most appropriate for each of the following categories:
    2. GM Feedback: With the restriction of allocating any two or more categories with the same Feedback Rating, rate the game’s GM from 10 to 1 with 10 being best in each of the following categories:
      1. PACE: Is an assessment of the flow of the storyline where no one portion of the overall session felt unnecessarily rushed or delayed and that the game came to a very natural conclusion taking place not awkwardly before or after its designated time frame (AKA: From 10 to 1, 10 being best, how well was the game consistently or rationally paced, congruent to the necessity of each scene within the story, and did it come to a naturally coalesced conclusion promptly at the end of its prescribed scheduled time frame?).
      2. NARRATIVE: Is an assessment of the GM’s immersive, captivating storytelling capabilities where the utilization of overtones, undertones and inflections perfectly infers the GM’s desired impact for all described scenarios and equally assesses the GM’s flexibility in promoting player agency throughout their interaction with the plots/GM’s intended conflict, theme and scope of dynamic storytelling expertise (AKA: From 10 to 1, 10 being best, what was your level of engaged, immersive, escapist enjoyment and amazement?).
      3. SYSTEM KNOWLEDGE: Is an assessment of the GM’s ability to regurgitate, delineate, explain and/or overall adjudicate any and all game rulings factually or generated with such unquestioned confidence and fluidity that the rules while being fully supported nearly vanish or are conveyed as an added bonus of enlightenment (AKA: From 10 to 1, 10 being best, how little was the game interfered with by the need of time consuming rules researching and GM to MP back and forth rules negotiations?).
      4. CHARACTER INTERACTION: Is an assessment of the GM to MP and MP Character equality, GM’s equal timespan interacting with each of the MP’s characters, the reasonable and rational awarding of in-story resources, in-story treasured items, resource mechanic points, rerolls and/or any other game system advantage application (AKA: From 10 to 1, 10 being best, how equally did the GM spend time interacting with each of the MP’s and how equally and consistent was the GM when doling out punishment and reward between the MP's?).
  2. For GM’s go to your “Game History” page and click on “Hosted Games” then after clicking on the “Red Trophy Icon” for the games whose feedback has not yet been submitted, a feedback window will pop up with the following:
    1. MP Feedback: With the restriction of selecting any MP twice for any Feedback Rating or Category, in descending order with 1 being best, select the MP’s that performed the most appropriate for each of the following categories:
When the game’s GM and all of that game’s “Checked In” MP’s have submitted their “Session Feedback” each will receive their new additional points on the Leaderboard of RPGLeague!
Congratulations you have completed your first game!